Dansoft was established in 1989, initially focused on defense projects, later switching to develop its own ERP and other enterprise software systems for various industries. With its current multi-tenant global cloud infrastructure, it provides predictable low-cost full IT hosting, as well as custom-tailored integration and development capabilities, lowering your infrastructure and IT operations cost. Dansoft provides IT executive, cloud hosting and SaaS services. We have a few specialty areas including healthcare, but support all types of customers. Multi-practice healthcare organizations will find us a great partner in many areas, including M&A – due-diligence and acquisition, system-migration and integration. We utilize our extensive resources to provide custom-tailored solutions and services at affordable prices. In numerous cases, we can provide comprehensive suites of systems on our cloud platform, replacing previously hosted servers, at comparable or even lower costs, but with systems and processes that allow the business to grow and become more efficient.


Our Mission is to allow our customers to grow and increase efficiency. We are eager to apply our resources and agile methodology to your benefit. Our customers can focus on their business objectives, knowing we will deliver any and all systems and related services they need, including IT admin, security, compliance, and base of commonly needed business systems such as email, chat, and MS-Office, all provided at a low monthly cost.


Farms will benefit from pre-existing customized features for flowers, tea, avocado, coffee, vegetables, cash-crops and
other types of crops. Farms that produce different types of products, will benefit from the features applicable to
different crops.

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